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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

The Search Committee was formed and commissioned to “prayerfully and diligently find a candidate for rector to present to the vestry.” The role of the committee is limited solely to the process of searching and presenting to the Vestry a candidate to lead the Parish after Father Ron’s retirement.

On September 11th and 12th we held a parish meeting to share with our church family the process for the search and to obtain any feedback.  During the small group breakouts, several questions were posed to the committee.  We have published below the questions that pertain to the search and for which the search committee has authority.  There were a number of questions regarding the hiring process, staffing, and transition asked which do not fall under the purview of the committee.  We will continue to update these FAQ’s as additional questions are posed. As a reminder, the search committee can be reached at search@standrewspolaris.org.

Who is on the committee?
Who is on the committee?

Jim Menke, Karen Brust, Chris Bryant, Shelley Casbarro, Patrick Schmidt, Steve Sattler, Dan Brill, Amanda Oxenham, Alan Carter, Ian Sattler

Who can to apply for the rector position?

Any qualified Anglican priest may apply.

Is there a large pool of candidates available? Are we concerned that we won’t get many applicants?

We won’t be limiting applicants to our diocese (Great Lakes), it will be a national search. We will ask our bishop and several other bishops and seminaries, and the profile will be published on the diocese and the ACNA websites. We are the 3rd largest parish in the diocese.

Are we asking help with the candidate from the two Anglican schools for ministry?


Are we considering women as well as men?

Yes, we will consider all qualified candidates as this process is discernment for us, so we will follow where the Holy Spirit leads us.

Can the congregation offer candidates?

Yes, but all candidates have to go through the same process of applying. If you know someone, see if they are even interested and point them to our website. The profile/application will be posted to our website once it is completed

Will the congregation get a chance to hear the candidates preach a sermon during the search?

Many groups expressed an interest in being able to listen to sample sermons. Several parishioners stated that the quality of the sermons is extremely important, and they expressed concern about the congregation not being able to hear a sermon ahead of time from the final candidates. 

Answer: No, as per the documents that the Diocese provided us: “Do not have the priest preach and celebrate for (or even meet) the congregation at large. Anglican church governance entrusts the decision on the call to the Vestry and its appointed Search Committee. You can have the finalists preach and celebrate privately for the Search Committee and/or Vestry if you wish. But if you expose them to the whole congregation, you may divide the congregation. In addition, the congregation will only have that one experience on which to judge. In contrast, the Search Committee will have a full range of information and references and answers to questions upon which to make a judgment.”

Are the committee meetings open?

No, however, the committee is still interested and willing to hear your input. Please send your comments by email to search@standerewspolaris.org, or send it to the church office by US mail.

Who can fill out the survey?

Every voting member of the parish.

What is the interplay between the search committee and vestry?

We will give details to the vestry when indicated. Also there are several members of the vestry on the search committee.

What is the purpose of the profile vs. the 'job description?'
What is the purpose of the profile vs. the "job description"?

There was some confusion over the purpose of the profile vs. the “job description”. The profile is to give the candidates information about our parish. Is there a job description that lists the qualifications as well? 

Answer: Yes, the Job qualifications are part of the profile/application; the actual job description is negotiated between the vestry and the new rector.

Will the diversity of our community be reflected in the profile?

Yes, the profile will be tailored by the inputs from the survey.  It’s intended to represent the parish and our community accurately.

Will the profile be public?

Yes, the profile will be available to the church and the public.

If God knows who to call, why do we need to fill out forms?

For the parish’s, the search committee’s and the vestry’s, education and will be used as part of the discernment process.

Will the search committee share the results of the survey to the parish and vestry?


Who gets permission from the bishop to issue a call?

The senior warden.

How will we gather input from the youth?

We have a youth representative; Ian Sattler. He will meet with the youth and gather their input and share it with the search committee.

How will the Search committee make final decision? Will they vote?

If the committee says “unity” without a vote, iquieter voices may not be heard. Answer: The chair and the committee members will make sure that everybody on the search committee is heard and trust the Holy Spirit. We have cooperative communication between the committee members.

What happens if the search committee doesn't find the right candidate?

I would like Search committee to not rush. If the right person is not found within the established timeline – will the committee take time and allow associate priests to serve.

Answer: Yes, the committee agrees.